A Life Without Purpose

Not all successful people live on purpose. But those who live on purpose will be happy and feel life is meaningful.

The lack of purposeful living affects many people, especially the working people. They lack passion at work, rarely getting engaged in activities.

Lack of purpose blinds people from realizing their full potential. They don’t know what they are naturally good at. They may be so good at doing their current thing because they’ve been doing the same thing for years! But sad to say, they mastered one they are not meant to be. They are like an eagle who pecked worms on the ground like chicken instead of soaring high above the clouds and swoop down majestically on prey. These people tend to focus on doing one thing (their job) because they don’t see possibilities beyond what they currently see in their situation.

Why someone remains in the same situation? There are few reasons:
He/she is so fixated with what has been already invested (time, money, and effort) that moving to another company or industry require additional personal investment and the past “investments” will go down the drain.
Focused on some event that is either far off in the future, such as promised overseas vacation by the company, retirement pay after 20 years, or a possible promotion based on length of tenure, seniority, and sheer effort, keeps the employee on his/her boring job.
Sporadic feel-good and positive situations in an otherwise toxic environment provide glimmer of hope (hoping that one day, something may change for the better).

The only escape out is to know one’s own life purpose.

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