Lean Leadership is Not Just Doing What a Leader Does, It Is Also Being An Authentic Leader

According to Philip Holt, author of the book, ” Lean Leadership ,” the true differentiator of what every good leader possesses is not just doing what a leader does but also what they are.

True leaders lead authentically, making every decision not because it is necessary but because it reflects who they are, their very being, as leaders. And this authenticity is perceived by their employees and bosses. They believe in what they do and they know how to achieve results.

True leaders have great faith and confidence in their leadership approach and this translates into better communication with other people.

Philip Hold describes lean leadership using a Venn Diagram with four converging elements:

Leadership Activism is leading by example and role modelling. The leader must lead not from his office barking orders and delegating responsibilities but rather ‘roll up his sleeves’ and engage with the team, and be part of the team.

Visible Leadership ensures that the team sees what the leader is doing, thus building trust with the people. When mistakes are made, the leader does not blame anyone, but rather check the process and identify what’s not working. People will recognize that the leader checks because he/she cares and is accountable for the failure or success of the team.

Coaching Leadership is about being a leader that “asks” rather than “tell.” A true leader gets agreement from the team members and expects them to deliver what they’ve committed to do.

Mosquito Leadership is about spreading influence to the whole organization in a positive way. A true leader does things beyond his/her normal roles, responsibilities, and span of formal control.

The four elements of Lean Leadership are various leadership styles that have each unique advantages and aspects of their own, but when applied in overlapping manner, it will effective engage employees to the work.

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