What is Your Compelling Reason?

There are many things that drive a person to consciously act.

Many negative actions are driven by negative emotions and behavior such as fear, hatred, anger, greed, jealousy, covetousness, or just simply out of bad habit.

On the other hand, positive actions are driven by positive emotions such as love, trust, respect, and compassion.

But if you dare to do great and near impossible things, you will be besieged with any of the negative emotions mentioned above. And you will need more than just positive emotions.

Above everything else, you need to be clear about your WHY.

The first thing you need to understand is your BIG WHY, your LIFE PURPOSE, your REASON FOR BEING. Every action you take must be aligned to your life purpose.

The second thing is to know your SPECIFIC WHY, the driving force to your action. It is your COMPELLING REASON. When faced with tough and daunting situation, when fear paralyses you to inaction, when hatred and anger derails you out of your plan, when your bad habits just pull you back into your comfort zone, you need one compelling reason.

A daddy will bear back-breaking 8-hour work to make sure he sends his kids to school. A single mom of three would endure juggling two jobs when she sees her children hungry. Their one compelling reason: family.

And think about those soldiers of valor who are dispatched to battle zones, leaving their families behind. They know that they may not be able to return back to the warm embrace of their families. They endure the fear of facing enemies who’s out to take their lives. They endure the discomfort of living in makeshifts, eating rationed food, and shallow sleep, ever wary of enemies coming from behind.

If you are experiencing “crossing over a burning bridge” or “walking on water,” just think about


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