Your Decision to Improve

We all want to improve our lives. We want better homes, new cars, better relationships, higher salaries and stellar careers. But just wanting is not enough to actually achieve them.

The first step towards achieving your dreams start with a conscious and intentional decision to take your dream to reality. A decision can be as simple as a yes or a no, a go or a no go, do it or not do it. Or it can be more complex that you need to choose among several options. Regardless of complexity, you can’t make major decisions based on pure impulse, hunch, or hearsay. Finding proper logic to your improvement plan is enhance your consciousness about it so that you will become intentional from making a decision to taking decisive action. And logic is an important necessity in making major decisions in our lives. Let’s say in investing your hard earned money, will you buy stocks of companies you barely know? Or will you enter into business partnership without knowing the feasibility of the product or the trustworthiness of your potential partners? Logic will tell you to conduct background checks on companies and people you deal with. At this point, you don’t want your emotions sabotage your future.

Whatever you want to improve on, you have to take a logical decision to ensure it will be aligned to what you really want to accomplish. This is one of the more important first considerations in making your logical decision. Improving something in your life will take your time and resources, so if it is not really important in your life you’ll waste precious time and resources that would otherwise spent on more important matters.

So where do you align your improvement efforts? In order not to waste your life on trivial matters, you need to align your improvement on your core being – life purpose, vision, and core values.

Another area where your improvement plan needs alignment is with the other improvements, both those you’re currently doing and those you are also planning ahead. You can’t take several improvements at the same time with your limited time and resources. Decisions such as purchasing a new home while your children are about to enter college. Or making investment in stocks while you are still in debt.

Why do you want to improve? Do you want a better and bigger house to provide comfort to yourself and family or simply to keep up with the ‘Joneses’? Whenever you are faced with a major decision to improve something in your life, try to ask yourself the following questions:
Will it make you a better person?
Is it something that you will be proud of, both the final outcome and the reason why?
Will it make positive impact to other people?
Will it make your life better without harming or hurting other people?
You have to find one compelling reason to support your improvement plan, or else you will not find a strong conviction to make a decision and an unwavering action when faced with challenges and adversities. You can motivate and psyche yourself all day long, but if you have a weak reason, you’ll fall apart when things don’t turn out what you’ve expected.

Having a clear, logical and compelling reason will give you confidence to your decision. Beyond just a personal opinion, you now have a convincing proof that your decision is correct and beneficial to all concerned.

As the Year 2017 is about to end in a few hours, why not start the new year learning how to making crucial decisions.

Have a Happy New Year!

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